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A reading with Violet gives insight and clarity into your potential life paths, and a sense of how to move towards your best self and life.

Violet uses your provided hand images (photographs/photocopies etc.) for research and energy calibration prior to seeing you at your appointment. Having this data before the actual appointment makes sure you receive excellent value and an in-depth reading.

All prices are in Australian dollars (AUD, GST included), and are valid until April 2017 (for gift vouchers, the service and value purchased remains valid until the expiry date).

Individual reading

Includes preparatory work for your reading (1 hour+), and a consultation on Skype or in-person (Canberra or other selected occasional locations in Australia).

Appointment times can range from 10 to 30 minutes. Once purchased, violet will send instructions regarding providing photographs of your hands, as well as confirming your consultation date.

Reading + Consultation

Great for answering quick questions.
  • 1 hour + preparatory work
  • 10 minute skype/in-person consultation
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Reading + Consultation

Excellent for in-depth questions.
  • 1 hour + preparatory work
  • 30 minute skype/in-person consultation
  • Follow-up testing
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Palmistry party pack

VIOLET will come to your soiree and provide readings for you and your friends!

Start off your evening with an introduction to basic palmistry (10 minute interactive session), followed by individual, tailored readings with party guests. The one-on-one brief consultations give the opportunity to ask questions and underpin the palm reading basics covered in the group talk.

The party pack adds a spark to your event, and also works in well with hosted franchise events (lingerie/nail art parties) and theme parties.

Preparatory work is not included in the party pack.


  • Group introduction to palm reading
  • Individual 5-10 minute readings for each party guest

PRICE: $20pp (subject to maximum guest numbers, availability and location).

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Gift vouchers

Can’t decide? Give the gift of possibilities with a voucher, valid for 12 months from date of purchase.

Vouchers will be emailed to you no later than 24hrs after purchase, so they are fantastic for that last-minute (but still thoughtful!) present for your loved ones.

Choose an individual reading:

Just a Reading A Reading + Artwork

Please get in touch if you’d like to organise a gift voucher with special wrapping or as part of a hamper.

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