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Why get a palm reading?
A palm reading will help you feel the joy of seeing how far you’ve come and how you can choose to develop different aspects of your hands to better shape your destiny.

What is the custom drawing?
Your hand-crafted bespoke drawing focuses on personal affirmations and your focus themes for the next 6-12 months. The artwork can be part of your vision-board, for meditation, or as a touchstone for your goals.

When and where can I have my reading?
Violet is available for consultations by Skype or in-person (currently appointments are available in Canberra, but Violet sometimes travels to other cities in Australia).

How long does a reading take?
The actual appointment can range from 10 to 30 minutes, depending on your selected reading package. Prior to seeing you on Skype or in real life, Violet spends at least one hour doing personal energy testing to get the best results.

You can also select a bespoke drawing based on the major themes arising from your reading.

Why do you need an image of my hands for a reading?
Violet uses the hand images for research and energy calibration prior to seeing you at your appointment. Having this data before the actual appointment makes sure you receive excellent value and an in-depth reading.

How do I photograph my hands for a reading?
Bright lighting, and an assistant, can be very helpful! Please take an image of both hands. Even if the photographs are taken individually, it’s good to have the context of the pair, spanning: each palm, back of the hands, and the edges.

Mobile phone cameras or a plain camera can garner excellent results. Please check that you can clearly see the lines of the hand (if not – apply some moisturiser before the photo session, or play with macro settings).

Traditional scanners/combo copiers often make a good quality image, but it’s helpful to also have a photo. Photos are better for seeing the weight distribution and fleshy parts (mounts) of the hands.

I’ve been scared by something I found out about my palm. What would you suggest?
…Only you can know if you’re ready for a reading. It’s important for a palm reader’s intention and energy to gel with yours.

There are some archetypes of palm-reading which focus (unfortunately) on criminality or darker elements, so while it’s not unknown, they also need to be interpreted holistically (it’s tricky to pull a whole reading from one component of the hands, it needs to be analysed with regard to what else is there). Please message Violet to discuss any concerns.

Do you do parties?
Party packages are available – Violet loves parties! (well, the high tea kind). She has done readings in a wide variety of settings but usually not wild saturnalias.

Please get in touch to discuss your party’s location, timing and number of guests (bookings currently available for weeknights and weekends).

Do I need a special set-up for Violet to do readings at my party?
Party packages include an introduction to basic palmistry for all guests, which is an interactive session (10 minutes), so it’s worthwhile having somewhere for everyone to sit comfortably so that they can compare each others hands.

The introduction is followed by individual, tailored readings with each party guest – for this part, it is useful to have a designated quiet corner with enough privacy (it can be in the same room as the event, just not next to the boombox!). Violet will bring extra lighting, materials and equipment to support the readings.

Do you do other types of readings?
Violet specialises in palm-reading, but is also pleased to be learning other modalities, which will be offered in the next year or so.

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