I had a beautiful, busy time reading palms at Saturday’s Alive Plant-based Festival in sunny Gosford, New South Wales.

Sending shimmery gratitude sparkle energy to everyone who saw me for a reading! I’m sorry to have not reached everyone in the queue, please keep an eye out for a special text soon!

I’d been anticipating the festival for months and was meditating on hand features in specific audiences (particularly as it was a vegan festival). I wondered whether I’d see similar lines in festival-goers because of shared interests in veganism/health and animal welfare.

Gardens Kibble Park by Gostalgia: local history from Gosford Library

Gardens Kibble Park (historic photo)

I noticed quite a few Via Lascivia lines (also known as an allergy or poison line), which can indicate an original or acquired sensitivity to food, chemicals/substances and environmental toxins. It’s interesting to think about how these can inform lifestyle changes. There was one young child whose line indicated allergies to squash – I would have assumed brussel sprouts or broccoli! But squash was the true dastardly culprit.

Big glittery thanks to Ricky, the Alive and Umina Beach Market team for organising the event and being so welcoming!

I’m very grateful to:

  • My lovely clients on the day, thank you!
  • Magical brand designer Theressa at Indie Pixel House,
  • Vibrant energy worker and artist Tigiris,
  • My talented brother making my “post-box” for my stall,
  • My friends lending their support and positive vibes,
  • My beautiful lover for his efficient supply of earth cakes,
  • the entertaining and patient Dan at speedy printers Inkline, and
  • for the kindness of detail-oriented Tanya at Qprint.

Image credit:
“Gardens Kibble Park” by “Gostalgia: local history from Gosford Library” Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY-NC 2.0). Accessed 29 March 2017.

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