A good dawning, my loves!

I’m waking from my extended rest during Mercury retrograde, which is a time of re-invigoration, re-laxation, and re-integration. I’m very grateful to learn more about planetary rhythms from research by Kerry, as well as within Lucy’s newsletter.

If you’ve had a similar restful start to the year, you will see the evidence in your hands. Here’s a quick way to check for this with palmistry! (keeping in mind that it’s only a short check, palm reading is very holistic so there are always other indicators)

Step one: Shake  your hands like you care! (but still with abandon of course)

Step two: Without thinking: place your hands, palm-down, on a flat surface like a table.

Step three: Please make sure you’ve done steps one and two before you read further!

Future in bloom

Flowering possibilities, image by Matthew Henry

Step four: Look at the gaps between your fingers. As we’re focusing on relaxation today, the most important gap is between your little finger and ring finger (Mercury and Apollo). Is the gap really big, as in, much wider than the gaps between the other fingers? You can see the disparity, or equal proportions, pretty quickly.

Step five: Once you’ve deciphered the gaps:

* If the gaps are equal upon comparison, that’s wonderful! It means that things are relatively stable for you right now. You’ve addressed some things that are worrying you and are also feeling grounded. Keep up the good work! Reward yourself with a beautiful moonlit bath or something exciting, nourishing and delightful.

* If there is a wide gap between your little finger and ring finger (on either/both hands), most importantly, know that you are going to be okay. Alright, is it definitely a wide gap? If yes – now turn your hands over, and look for horizontal lines flickering across your fingertips. If both signs are there, you’ve definitely been under too much pressure. If it’s not the right time to take a holiday, what do you need to address to help relieve the pressure? Is it definitely your baggage? Magickal Hollie has shared some powerful steps about releasing the energy of other people.

Most importantly – reward and appreciate yourself! You’ve done well to get through a tricky time.

Love from Violet xxxooo

Image courtesy of Matthew Henry.

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